Veranstaltungen am See - Neues Jahresprogramm 2024 

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Schwarzwald Plus Karte

Entdecken Sie den Schwarzwald

Bei uns gibt es so viel Schwarzwald, den teilen wir gerne.
Unser besonderer Service für Sie:

  • Ab zwei Übernachtungen können Sie die Schwarzwald Plus Karte kostenfrei nutzen.
  • Bei Ihrer Ankunft erhalten Sie Ihre persönliche Schwarzwald Plus Karte.
    Damit können Sie ohne Extrakosten 80 Attraktionen erleben.
  • Zusätzlich erhalten Sie noch die KONUS-Gästekarte zur kostenfreien Nutzung der öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel.

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Our apartments and A-FRAME cottages

The colder it gets outside, the cozier it gets in our vacation cottages ADLER & LÖWE.

Enjoy time out by the fireplace, views of the lake and cozy get-togethers with the family.


Probably the most beautiful private sauna in the Black Forest is ready for our guests.

Nagoldtalsperre in Seewald-Erzgrube

The Nagoldtalsperre is one of the largest lakes in Baden-Württemberg and therefore offers a variety of water sports. Windsurfing is especially popular. The beautiful and flat lake circuit is especially ideal for inline skaters. New: water playground with kingfisher path.

The dam is located in the Upper Nagold Valley and is surrounded by a landscape conservation area of 650 ha. Along the Nagoldtalsperre there are many parking lots; at some of them there are also fireplaces for barbecuing. At the information pavilion there is a lookout tower that offers a fantastic view over the lake and the reeds and reed beds that are alive with water birds. Various guided tours are offered.

We are very proud of this award - "Superhost".

Overall rating of 4.8 or higher:

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Our guests' ratings are in the 5-star range because we always go to great lengths.
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